Extended Drawing

Extended Drawing builds freely on Apparently Invisible, an initiative of the Drawing Center, New York, which formed their Spring Selections Show in 2009. “Extended Drawing” features the same artists;

Susan Collis (UK), Michaela Frühwirth (AT/NL), Elana Herzog (USA), Marietta Hoferer (USA), Sarah Kabot (USA), Anne Lindberg (USA), Janine Magelssen (NO), Chris Nau (USA), Janet Passehl (USA).

Tegnerforbundet Gallery, The Drawing Art Association of Oslo, Norway announces the exhibition Extended Drawing from September 1th to October 2 th 2011.

On September 2, Tegnerforbundet hosted a lively seminar on issues in contemporary drawing and in particular focused upon concepts presented in Extended Drawing. Nina Katchadourian, curator of The Viewing Program at The Drawing Center in NYC, and Sabrina van der Lay, curator at the Oslo Museum of Contemporary Art lead the discussion, and presented work from their curatorial practice as context.